Category: Further Reading

  • Further reading on the true self

    If you want to follow up on the research Josh Knobe has been doing with his colleagues on the true self, you can check out the following piece for the New York Times: ‘In Search of the True Self,’ Josh Knobe Or, for a more detailed presentation, you can read: “Beliefs About the True Self…

  • Further reading on blame and forgiveness

    For those of you who want to delve further into our esteemed guest’s views about blame and forgiveness, check out the following two papers: ‘What’s the Point of Blame?,’ Miranda Fricker ‘Forgiveness—an ordered pluralism,’ Miranda Fricker Happy reading! Matt Teichman

  • Further reading on aspiration

    To whet your appetite for Agnes Callard’s incredible forthcoming book on aspiration, here is a chapter-by-chapter summary. Happy reading! Matt Teichman

  • Further reading on Spinoza

    Those of you who are interested in following up on Spinoza will definitely enjoy this incredible graphic book by Ben and Steven Nadler: ‘The Graphic Spinoza,’ Ben Nadler and Steven Nadler Happy reading! Matt Teichman

  • Further reading on credibility

    If you’d like to delve further into Jennifer Lackey’s views about credibility excesses, she has generously made her excellent paper ‘Credibility and the Distribution of Epistemic Goods‘ available for you to download. Enjoy! Matt Teichman

  • Recommended reading on time biases

    Meghan Sullivan’s book on time biases is due out any moment now. (Of course, according to her argument, we should feel indifferent to when it comes out, but I can’t help but feel anticipation!) If, like me, you are having trouble resisting the pull of that particular time bias, check out her and Preston Greene’s…

  • Further reading on the role of belief in reasoning

    To do a deep dive into what I discussed with Nic Koziolek, check out the following papers: ‘Inferring as a Way of Knowing,’ Nic Koziolek ‘Coming to Believe,’ Nic Koziolek ‘Belief, Judgment, and Rational Explanation,’ Nic Koziolek He has a treasure trove of other work up on his website, which I would encourage you to…

  • Further reading on the genealogy of color

    Those of you who would like to follow up on the history of color concepts can do no better than to check out Zed Adams’ fascinating book on the topic! On the Genealogy of Color, Zed Adams Happy reading. Matt Teichman

  • Further reading on fictional names

    If you’d like to follow up on our interview with Zsofia Zvolenszky, check out her paper: Fictional Characters, Mythical Objects, and the Phenomenon of Inadvertent Creation, Zsofia Zvolenszky Happy reading! –Matt Teichman

  • Further reading on epistemic oppression

    If you’d like to do a deep dive into some of our esteemed guest’s writings on epistemic oppression, here are links to some of her papers on the topic: ‘Conceptualizing Epistemic Oppression,’ Kristie Dotson ‘A Cautionary Tale: On Limiting Epistemic Oppression,’ Kristie Dotson ‘Tracking Epistemic Violence, Tracking Practices of Silencing,’ Kristie Dotson Happy reading! Matt…