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  • New Blog!

    The Elucidations blog is moving! Time to set your bookmarks to the new URL:

  • New Blogger: Dominic Surya

    Please join me in welcoming Dominic Surya, our new blogger! We are excited to have him with us. Matt Teichman

  • Problems with Comments

    For some reason, WordPress stopped notifying me when people have been posting comments, and as a result some comments from January and February were substantially delayed.  Please accept my apologies for this.  I am now keeping my eyes open for new comments and will make sure they get posted quickly! Matt Teichman

  • Elucidations is now on Twitter!

    Check out our new Twitter feed at @ElucidationsPod. We’d love to hear your comments/thoughts/suggestions.

  • New Blogger

    Please join me in welcoming our new blogger, Phil Yaure! He will be with us for the next few months to talk about the various philosophical topics that come up during our interviews. Coming up is an introduction to the Bayesian interpretation of probability… Matt Teichman

  • Welcome to the Elucidations Blog

    Welcome! Here you can join in the discussion about recent episodes of the podcast, get updates on forthcoming episodes, and catch up on back episodes.