Dec 09

Slavic Linguistics Conference

5th Annual Slavic Linguistics Conference.

Nov 09

The Material and the Code

The Material and the Code is a two-day symposium at the University of Chicago

Nov 09

African Studies Workshop

The African Studies Workshop is an interdisciplinary forum for graduate students and faculty whose work concerns the material and sociocultural lives of people of the African continent and its discursively constituted diasporas, presently and historically.

Design Notes:

A very simple, but well-organized and effective workshop site based on the BlueSky WordPress theme. Individual events are listed as posts on the home page and tagged with one of several categories. These are then displayed using the Category widget in the sidebar allowing one to search through past events by topic.


Oct 09

Law, Culture and Society Workshop

The law stands at the center of virtually every social, political, linguistic and cultural domain. It plays a critical role in shaping our most basic concepts and categories of thought and identity and responds in turn to social and historical transformations. The goal of the graduate Law, Culture and Society workshop is to facilitate the study of law as a cultural and social institution in both historical and contemporary contexts.

Design Notes:

A very simple, but effective and visually interesting workshop site build on the BlueSky WordPress theme. Individual events are listed as posts on the home page and tagged with one of several keywords. These are then displayed using the TagCloud plugin and widget in the sidebar allowing one to get an immediate overview of the relative number of events in each topic (bigger text = more posts on this topic).


Oct 09

CEERES eBulletin

CEERES eBulletin. An online eBulletin from University of Chicago

Sep 09

Center for the Arts of East Asia

The Center for the Art of East Asia (CAEA) facilitates and supports teaching and research in the rapidly growing field of East Asian Art at the University of Chicago.

Design Notes:

The CAEA site was created using the WordPress Panorama theme. The site employs a few simple tricks to make it appear more like a regular website and less like a blog. As such, its structure is not quite as straightforward as the models listed here in the “Easy” category. Still, the changes are not complicated and can easily be put in place for another site if there is interest. First, the site’s home page (where one would normally see individual posts) was re-mapped to the About page (this is because unlike e.g. a workshop, this will not be an event driven site). Second, site makes extensive use of the Panorama theme’s provision for drop-down menus (the second menu item under a top level menu is called a “child” – hence parent and child pages). The site’s About page for example has two child pages under it called Objectives and Sources of Support. In addition, the theme automatically creates links to these as drop down items in the site’s menu under About. Third, all references to page and post comments were removed from the theme to make the site feel less “blog-like”. Finally, please also note the rotating header images on the site – this is a special feature of the Panorama theme.


Jun 09

Goodspeed Notes

Goodspeed Notes is the online newsletter of the Department of Music.

Design Notes:

The Goodspeed Notes site (like the Adpatation, OPC and DOVAtemp sites) is unusual in that it is built around a heavily customized WordPress theme created exclusively for this purpose. This theme is thus not directly available for us by other groups (please contact us if you would nonetheless like to ask the designer for permission to re-use the theme for your own site). The site’s layout was inspired by so-called “magazine” style WordPress themes. Several of these (such as a Arras, deStyle or Magzeen) are currently in testing by Humanities Computing. Please

May 09

DOVA Temporary

DOVA Temporary is a storefront gallery administered by the University of Chicago

Feb 09

Albanian Linguistics Conference

Conference on Albanian Linguistics hosted at the University of Chicago on February 28th, 2009.

Design Notes:

Elite WordPress theme (outdated). This is a very simple, but effective site with separate pages for all conference related issues such addresses, the conference program, directions, sponsors etc. The post features of the blog are not being used at all and the blog page has been set to re-direct to the workshop program / conference schedule page (in most themes it is possible to turn off unneeded pages in the site menu).

Of especial note on this site are the links to audio, videos and screencast recordings for each speaker as well as links to downloadable PowerPoint files and PDFs of their handouts. The multimedia files from the conference accessible on the site were prepared with Podcast Producer. The same files were then re-used and placed on in the CEERES album on the university’s iTunesU site for easy download and syncing to a mobile device such as an iPod.

Unfortunately it is not advisable to use this particular theme today since it has not seen any updates for several years. Please follow this link to see other model conference websites using a variety of different readily available WordPress themes.


Nov 08

Art and Politics of East Asia

The graduate Art and Politics of East Asia workshop provides a common intellectual forum for students and scholars of diverse fields investigating the interaction of aesthetics with political economics as reflected in textual and visual media in East Asia.

Design Notes:

A very simple and effective workshop site based on the Writer’s Blog WordPress theme. This theme is a good choice if you don’t want to select an image to go along with your site. Several more of our supported WordPress themes also give you the option of not placing an image in the header.