Dec 09

Slavic Linguistics Conference

5th Annual Slavic Linguistics Conference.

Nov 09

The Material and the Code

The Material and the Code is a two-day symposium at the University of Chicago

Feb 09

Albanian Linguistics Conference

Conference on Albanian Linguistics hosted at the University of Chicago on February 28th, 2009.

Design Notes:

Elite WordPress theme (outdated). This is a very simple, but effective site with separate pages for all conference related issues such addresses, the conference program, directions, sponsors etc. The post features of the blog are not being used at all and the blog page has been set to re-direct to the workshop program / conference schedule page (in most themes it is possible to turn off unneeded pages in the site menu).

Of especial note on this site are the links to audio, videos and screencast recordings for each speaker as well as links to downloadable PowerPoint files and PDFs of their handouts. The multimedia files from the conference accessible on the site were prepared with Podcast Producer. The same files were then re-used and placed on in the CEERES album on the university’s iTunesU site for easy download and syncing to a mobile device such as an iPod.

Unfortunately it is not advisable to use this particular theme today since it has not seen any updates for several years. Please follow this link to see other model conference websites using a variety of different readily available WordPress themes.


Sep 08

Chinese Opera Films after 1949

Conference held at the University of Chicago on Chinese Opera Films after 1949

Mar 08

What Poetry Narrates Conference

Conference website at the University of Chicago for

Mar 08

Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science

Website for the third annual

Feb 08

South Asia Graduate Student Conferences

Website for the annual South Asia Graduate Student Conferences at the University of Chicago.

This MistyLook WordPress theme based site cleverly organizes each year’s conference as a set of linked pages (one parent page and several child pages). Each packet of pages follows the same structure (Abstracts, Participants, Program, Locations, Maps and Directions) allowing the conferences to be displayed one under each other in the site’s sidebar. Navigating through the site is also helped by the fact the each parent page will (at the bottom of the page) automatically link to its child pages and by the decision to repeat the top level or parents pages in a horizontal menu provided by the theme at the top of the site. While all this may sound complicated it really is not – the adjustments required for this type of page organization are very easy to follow once seen in practice.


Sep 07

Virtual Tourist in Ancient Rome

The Virtual Tourist in Ancient Rome symposium brings together scholars from the United States and Europe to address new directions in research on Renaissance antiquarianism and visual culture, including those making use of digital technology.

Design Notes:

This is a very simple site built on the NigaRila WordPress theme. It has a clean and simple design that relies in large part for its positive effect on the striking nature of the custom header image. A site like this with a solid color header is likely to be visually less effective. This was one of the first sites we created in WordPress for conferences. Today we would probably structure the site navigation a little differently (using a horizontal menu under the header image for example). However it’s still worth considering as a model as an example of how much can be done with very little effort. The whole site was put together in 20 minutes.