Jun 09

Goodspeed Notes

Goodspeed Notes is the online newsletter of the Department of Music.

Design Notes:

The Goodspeed Notes site (like the Adpatation, OPC and DOVAtemp sites) is unusual in that it is built around a heavily customized WordPress theme created exclusively for this purpose. This theme is thus not directly available for us by other groups (please contact us if you would nonetheless like to ask the designer for permission to re-use the theme for your own site). The site’s layout was inspired by so-called “magazine” style WordPress themes. Several of these (such as a Arras, deStyle or Magzeen) are currently in testing by Humanities Computing. Please

May 09

DOVA Temporary

DOVA Temporary is a storefront gallery administered by the University of Chicago

Feb 08

Open Practice Committee

The Open Practice Committee in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago explores the atmospheres and attitudes that make art contemporary. From the conventional departmental presentation to the unconventional institutional event, the Open Practice Committee aims to advance our collective understanding of theory and practice within the visual arts.

Design Notes:

This website is unusual in that it is based on a custom WordPress theme that was built to order for OPC by Neoteric. As such, it should best be seen as an example of the degree to which WordPress themes can be modified. Very little, if any “blog like” elements remain on the site besides an overall emphasis on “event” driven content. On this note it’s worth taking a look at the site’s Events page which includes a Trumba calendar layout with an emphasis on images. The site also makes good use of WordPress categories to allow users to browse through past content.



Nov 07


Website for the Adaptation exhibit at the Smart Museum of Art.

Design Notes:

As was the case with OPC, this website is unusual in that it is based on a custom WordPress theme built to order for the Smart Museum by