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  • UChicago at BLS 2016

    Congratulations to UChicago Linguistics current students and alumni who will be presenting at BLS in 2016! Emily Hanink Jeff Geiger Suwon Yoon (PhD, 2011) Clara Cohen (BA, 2006)

  • Congratulations to Asia Pietraszko!

    Congratulations to Asia Pietraszko for successfully defending her dissertation proposal on “The structure of complex verbal expressions in Ndebele”!

  • UChicago at the Amsterdam Colloquium

    Congratulations to the following linguistics graduate students who have had papers accepted for presentation at this year’s Amsterdam Colloquium: Andrea Beltrama, “Totally tall sounds totally younger. From meaning composition to social perception” Tim Grinsell, “An argument for vagueness with holes” Patrick Munoz, “His name is ‘Socrates’ because that’s what he’s called: A model-theoretic account of name-bearing” They will…

  • Congratulations Zach!

    Congratulations to Zach Hebert, who has successfully completed his first QP: “Phonological Complexity in the British Sign Language Lexicon.”

  • Congratulations to Tamara Vardomskaya

    Congratulations to Tamara Vardomskaya who successfully defended her dissertation proposal “Subjectivity and Shared Evidence” on October 7, 2015, and has now advanced to candidacy.