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  • NSF grant awarded to Grenoble and Sadock for work on West Greenlandic

    Lenore Grenoble and Jerry Sadock received an NSF grant this summer to continue their work on West Greenlandic. The title and abstract of the project is given below. Congratulations! The lexicon of a polysynthetic language (#1056497) West Greenlandic, the national language of Greenland, is an Inuit language closely related to other Inuit languages spoken in […]

  • Last LCC workshop of the year

    The Workshop on Language, Cognition and Computation (along with our other graduate workshops, Language Variation and Change and Semantics and Philosophy of Language) is wrapping up another academic year. Please join us this Friday at a special time for the final LCC talk of the year, presented by the U. of C.’s James Kirby. He will be […]

  • Illinois Speech Day

    Some readers may want to mark their respective calendars: Illinois Speech Day, a daylong meeting consisting of presentations and discussion on the theme of computational models of speech, will be happening in just a few weeks. Moreover, it’s happening a convenient two blocks or so away from campus, and is correspondingly full of U of C […]

  • Kratzer on campus Friday

    This Friday, June 5, the Workshop on Philosophy of Language and Semantics, co-sponsored by the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, will be hosting Angelika Kratzer from UMass Amherst. Her talk will be in Cobb 110 from 1-3 p.m. Please join us!

  • Final two weeks . . .

    . . . of the Workshop on Language, Cognition and Computation in the Karen Landahl Center (basement of Social Science). May 29 will be the final meeting for the academic year, so don’t miss your chance: May 22: Michael C. Frank (Brain Cog Sci, MIT) (Abstract below) What is the relationship between language and thought? Traditional approaches to […]