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  • Grenoble named as Hale Professor for 2017 Linguistic Summer Institute

    Congratulations to Lenore Grenoble, who has been chosen to be next Hale Professor at the 2017 Linguistic Summer Institute, to be held at the University of Kentucky from July 5 to August 1!

  • Chicago Linguists at SALT 26

    Chicago linguistitcs will enjoy a strong showing at the upcoming Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 26 this weekend at the University of Texas, Austin: Rebekah Baglini (PhD ’15): The semantics of quotative ideophones Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (BA ’07, MA ’07): Focus association into copies and the scope of even Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine and Hadas Kotek: Untangling Tanglewood […]

  • Chicago Linguists @ ACAL 47

    Several Chicago students and faculty are presenting at the 47th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL) at UC Berkeley from March 23-26: Jonathan Pesetsky: How and When To Be Alive: Animacy in Swahili Joanna Pietraszko: The Ndebele relative marker as a nominal linker Rebecca Baglini (PhD ’15): The lexical semantics of Wolof ideophones Betsy Pillion, Lenore Grenoble, Emmanuel Ngue Um […]

  • Linguistics at UChicago Humanities Day

    The University of Chicago’s Humanities Day is October 17th, and the Department of Linguistics has several faculty members who will be presenting. Due to space limitations, please register at to reserve your seat now! [SESSION 1 9:30-10:30 A.M.] Jason Merchant  How to write around the world (And which ways are best) From Sumeria, Egypt, […]

  • UChicago at SSILA

    There are a number of UChicago connections at the concurrent meeting of SSILA (Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas): 1. “Information structure conditioned word order in Potawatomi” by Robert Lewis 2. ” On the pragmatic relationship indexed by Long Distance Agreement in Meskwaki” by Amy Dahlstrom 3. “A preliminary study […]