Chicago Linguists at SALT 26

Chicago linguistitcs will enjoy a strong showing at the upcoming Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 26 this weekend at the University of Texas, Austin:

  • Rebekah Baglini (PhD ’15): The semantics of quotative ideophones
  • Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (BA ’07, MA ’07): Focus association into copies and the scope of even
  • Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine and Hadas Kotek: Untangling Tanglewood using covert focus movement
  • Itamar Francez: Summative existentials
  • Julian Grove and Emily Hanink: Article selection and anaphora in the German relative clause
  • Timothy Leffel, Ming Xiang and Chris Kennedy: Imprecision is pragmatic: Evidence from referential processing
  • Malte Willer and Chris Kennedy: Subjective Attitudes and Counterstance Contingency



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