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LSA and SSILA Acceptances

Chicago will be well-represented at the upcoming Jaunary LSA and SSILA in San Francisco! Congratulations to the following students and faculty for their acceptances!


  • Peter Alrenga: Stipulated vs. Asserted Anaphora.
  • Adam Baker: Phonology as Compression: Capturing Vowel Harmony.
  • Tommy Grano: Predicating gradable adjectives in Mandarin Chinese: Should we posit POS?
  • April Grotberg: The prosody of overt case marking in Coptic. (Poster)
  • James Kirby: Comparative-induced event measure relations.
  • James Kirby and Alan Yu: Morphological paradigm effects on vowel articulation.
  • Stefanie Kuzmack:  Origin and its connotations: A cline of semantic degrammaticalization.
  • Jason Merchant and Jerry Sadock: Case, agreement, and null arguments in Aleut.
  • Nassira Nicola: DIRE N’IMPORTE-Q: Evidence for polarity in Quebec Sign Language.
  • Alice Lemieux: Evidence from Hindi for Proximity as a Consistent Temporal Relation. (Poster)
  • Susan Rizzo: Harmonic Grammar and Grandfather Effects: A New Approach to an Old Problem. (Poster)
  • Eleni Staraki: Turkish Loanwords in Greek: A New Framework of Loanword Theory. (Poster)
  • Morgan Sondereger: Rhyme graphs, sound change, and perceptual similarity.
  • Morgan Sondereger and Alan Yu: A rational account of perceptual compensation for coarticulation.
  • John Sylak (BA, 2008):  Lak Reduplication: Neither Phonological Nor Morphological Fixed Segmentism.


  • Juan Bueno-Holle: Lexical tone in Isthmus Zapotec.
  • Amy Dahlstrom: Second’ objects with no first object:  a typology of Meskwaki objects.

Jerry Sadock will also be giving one of a small series of talks celebrating the career of Ellen Prince, present president of the LSA, who will not be able to attend the conference for reasons of health.

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