New Talk Series on Linguistics Research

From Consumer to Producer: Getting Started in Linguistic Research

Ever wondered what the protocol is for working with informants, or how to obtain IRB approval? Ever looked at faculty and advanced graduate students and wondered how they learned all the ins and outs of working within an academic institution to produce original research? The University of Chicago Department of Linguistics would like to extend an open invitation to anyone starting work in linguistics, or interested in the process, to a new series of talks this May. Each talk will consist of presentations by a panel of speakers followed by a thirty minute Q & A period. Come hear experienced researchers share their wisdom (and how they acquired it) and bring your burning questions. Join the speakers and audience after the talks at a reception in the Linguistics Lounge on the third floor of Classics.

“Crafting a Research Topic”
Tuesday May 13th, 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Cobb 201 A/B
Reception from 5:00 pm, Ling Lounge, 3rd Floor Classics

“10 Do’s and Don’t’s of Research in Linguistics”
Jason Merchant, Department of Linguistics

“Getting Started with Research Projects: Phonology, Computational Linguistics, and Beyond”
John Goldsmith, Departments of Linguistics and Computer Science

“Working in Speaker Communities”
Lenore Grenoble, Departments of Linguistics and Slavic Languages & Literature

“Turning an Idea into A Research Project”
Tuesday May 20th, 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Cobb 201 A/B
Reception from 5:00 pm, Ling Lounge, 3rd Floor Classics

“What is a Linguistics Experiment?”
Alan Yu, Department of Linguistics

“Institutional Support and Review”
Chris Kennedy, Department of Linguistics