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Book Reviews. Book Reviews?

There are seven book reviews in the new issue of Contrary magazine, and five are written by former maphers:

Contrary Reviews

Would you like to join them? If so, please send the editor, Yours Truly, a note to get the details: chicago[at]contrarymagazine[dot]com.

Contrary‘s readership seemed to peak with just over 210,000 page views over three months for the Spring 2007 issue. In its first week, the Autumn issue, in which the reviews section debuted, has had 154,250 page views. So something’s up. We may not have riches, but we do have readers.

Also: fiction, poetry, and odd commentary are welcome through the online submissions form:




New Poems by a Mapher

Shaindel Beers (’00) has two new poems in the latest issue of Thieves Jargon, and like all of Shaindel’s work, they’re terrific:

Shaindel is a professor of English at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon.

Please send me news of your publications, or post them here. Eventually I’d like to compile them in an interactive bibliography of publications by aftermaphers, with links to work available online. jmcmahon[at]uchicago[dot]edu

Misty MAPH-colored Memories….

The sound of Jay and Candace bellowing “Helloooo” in unison at every group meeting. The smell of the mediocre coffee brewing in the MAPH office. The taste of those wafer crackers and amazingly soft cookies at social hour. The glazed look in your eyes and the slight leg cramps from sitting for literally hours staring at books at the Reg and not being able to come up with anything even resembling a claim. The excitement you felt at 3:55pm every Friday of Fall quarter at precept, knowing that social hour was so very close. The delight of having a drink at Jimmy’s with your MAPH buds and feeling like you actually deserve it. The even greater delight of ordering and eating two grilled cheese sandwiches at Jimmy’s and knowing you deserve it—

Indulge us, wallow in the nostalgia, what’s your favorite MAPH/U of C moment?

Life in the AfterMAPH—Teaching with Technology

One of our goals with the afterMAPH is to be a forum for our alums to talk about what they do, and carry on some of the kinds of conversations they began at MAPH. In that spirit I present this post by our guest author Kristin Scott. Kristin Scott is a MAPH alum currently teaching at Columbia College.

The BLOGSpeaking of blogs . . . I am very interested to hear from those of you who teach and have been utilizing various forms of technology within your pedagogy. When I first started teaching at Columbia College Chicago (English & Cultural Studies Departments) a bit over three years ago, I was fairly unsure of how to incorporate technology into the classroom and admittedly a bit hesitant to do so. I didn’t want to “dumb down” the curriculum by turning to popular media/technological tools or use them as some crutch for effective teaching. Continue reading

Adventures in the Aftermaph: Panama


Laura Browning (05), who studied writing in MAPH, was recently hired as a senior conservation writer by The Nature Conservancy, which promptly shipped her off to Panama. From the edge of the jungle she writes:

I got up this morning at 5:45, did yoga on my sleeping porch, and then met the rest of the early arrivers in the lobby at 6:30. We met up with a guy named Hernan who is apparently the best birder in all of Panama–and I have no doubt after what we saw this morning: Keel billed toucans, three or four kinds of red headed woodpeckers, trogans, and lots of North American migratory birds. Oh yes–and we heard howler monkeys.

The Continuing, Continual Job Search: Q&A

Spend way too much time on and Getting stircrazy and wondering if you’ll ever find a job? Never fear! Lesley Lundeen, our superhero at CAPS (Career Advising and Planning Services), has done us the great favor of responding to our questions about what to do in this sort of situation. Read on below to get her advice. (Hollaback to this post if you have any advice or strategies of your own!) Continue reading

Femmes do THYESTES at Court Theatre!

MAPHers feeling free and frisky after turning in their theses last year gave Court Theatre’s Arcadia rave reviews. Coming up is a real thespian treat: Seneca’s time old story of human rage, Thyestes, translated and interpreted by two of today’s greatest female artists. The play will open on Sept. 20 and run until Oct. 21–and constitutes a sweet excuse to get back to campus in all its autumn glory. Continue reading

afterMAPH Official Blog Launch

Hey afterMAPHers!

Perhaps it’s been awhile since you’ve talked to your fellow MAPHers (or maybe it was just this morning); in either case we are launching the official afterMAPH blog– a place where you can reunite, share ideas, read about things going on in Chicago, Hyde Park, and the lives of your fellow alums. We are doing this in attempt to sustain the MAPH community, encourage conversations and networking, and to keep you updated on the great things MAPH alums are doing these days. We welcome your contributions, comments, and ideas to the blog and are hoping to create a space that is useful and perhaps even entertaining to you.

This blog aims to include job announcements, Alumni Events, MAPH Alum news, and some MAPH/University/Chicago news of interest. Please read, enjoy, send your submissions, and perhaps even pretend like you are back in MAPH office in Classics, drinking mediocre coffee, and chit chatting with your fellow MAPHers about your thesis and the next social hour. For info on how to submit, check out the “Contribute” page.

Welcome and enjoy!