Misty MAPH-colored Memories….

The sound of Jay and Candace bellowing “Helloooo” in unison at every group meeting. The smell of the mediocre coffee brewing in the MAPH office. The taste of those wafer crackers and amazingly soft cookies at social hour. The glazed look in your eyes and the slight leg cramps from sitting for literally hours staring at books at the Reg and not being able to come up with anything even resembling a claim. The excitement you felt at 3:55pm every Friday of Fall quarter at precept, knowing that social hour was so very close. The delight of having a drink at Jimmy’s with your MAPH buds and feeling like you actually deserve it. The even greater delight of ordering and eating two grilled cheese sandwiches at Jimmy’s and knowing you deserve it—

Indulge us, wallow in the nostalgia, what’s your favorite MAPH/U of C moment?






4 responses to “Misty MAPH-colored Memories….”

  1. Geoff Stanbury Avatar
    Geoff Stanbury

    I really enjoyed doing work in the MAPH lounge at about 10:00pm, which was usually about the time that one particular fellow MAPHer would look up from the Chicago Review and make some kind of dirty, juvenile joke.

    Of course, fires at the Point = superduper, and they’re even more memorable when the fuzz slap you with a ticket for being there after 11:00pm.

  2. Jeff McMahon Avatar
    Jeff McMahon

    This actually happened this year — yesterday in fact — so it’s a maph rather than an aftermaph memory, but I think it’s a universal enough experience for any year of maph. The temperature was in the 90s, an economics class had sucked all the oxygen from SS 122 right before we got there, and in that hot venetian atmosphere we were studying Lacan. But you had to be outside this picture to appreciate its most salient detail:

    Before our class, the chalkboard was covered with intricate mathematical formulae. Afterward, stick figures.

    Long live the humanities.

  3. Conor O'Sullivan Avatar
    Conor O’Sullivan

    Geoff, I believe that was me. You’re welcome.

  4. Ari Fox Lauren Avatar

    Well, I loved the bonfire at the Point, too. The Bonfire of the Humanities was the technical name for the event.

    But, I would have to say that the best times for me in MAPH were the open mic nights! Granted, I’m a bit biased, since I was everyone’s eager and willing “piano bitch” (speaking of which . . . where my voice pimps at?) but I just loved the fact that so many people were willing to let loose with their humor and talent. We really were a community. I miss those days.

    A side note: for anyone else from the class of ’03, which would you say was funnier/more memorable– Richard Spencer’s drag performance as Candace in the musical parody _UChicago_, or Bridgette McCullough’s cabaret version of “Bootylicious?”

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