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Meskwaki (Fox) syntax

Sample of editing of Kiyana, A, 1913, wisakea osani okyeni osimeani okomeseani   [Wisahkeha, his father, his mother, his younger brother, his grandmother] (in prep):  page 1 of Kiyana’s ms.

External and internal topics in Meskwaki (2004 paper presented at the 36th Algonquian Conference, Madison)

Focus and constituency in Fox: Expressions for ‘only’ (1998 paper presented at the 30th Algonquian Conference, Burlington, MA)

Pragmatic issues in Fox relative clauses  (1996 paper presented at the 28th Algonquian Conference, Toronto)

The semantics and pragmatics of past tense marking in Fox (1995 paper presented at the 27th Algonquian Conference, Chapel Hill)

Joint work with Anthony F. Buccini:

A puzzle in Pidgin Delaware syntax. (1999)

Conjunct and absolute verb inflexion in Scots and Northern English: synchronic and diachronic perspectives. Presented at Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference 6, Milwaukee, April 2000.