Welcome! This is a site dedicated to the scholarship of Professor Wu Hung but, at the same time, opens to all who are interested in East Asian Art. Professor Wu welcomes all students and scholars – actually, anyone – around the globe to use this site to engage in discussion. You can leave a comment and raise questions by using the space in the “Discussion 讨论” page.

For the sake of your convenience, this website divides Professor Wu’s publications into four categories: (1) Pre-Qin China, (2) Imperial China, (3) Contemporary China, and (4) General Studies. Please click the links below. These documents are intented to be used solely as teaching materials.

你好!这是一个缘於巫鸿教授的学术著作的网页。也是一个为所有热衷于东亚艺术的人而设的网页。巫鸿教授欢迎所有学生及学者-事实上,所有人-利用本网页作学术交流。你可以在这里留言及发问 - 请使用 “Discussion 讨论” 分页的留言版。



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