Interviews/Online Works

Interviews and Online Works:

On 9-11 and the Historical Uncanny: Interview with Claudia Kramatschek, Berlin, May 19, 2011.     

“Reading the Image World? Playing with Pictures? Looking beyond words and pictures?” An Interview with Sheng Anfeng, Tsingua University, September 2010.     

Interview with Francois Cusset.     

E-Compos vol. 12, no. 1 (2009), and the title of the interview is “Como caçar (e ser caçado por) imagens” (“How to hunt (and be hunted by) images”: entrevista com W. J. T. Mitchell by Rose Melo Rocha and Daniel Portugal.     

“Interview with Professor WJT Mitchell,” Budapest, Petőfi Museum of Literature, October 29th, 2008.    

“Threatened by the imageless image.”      Metropolism

“The Future of the Image,” a dialogue with Jacques Ranciere at Columbia University on April 23rd, 2008     Page 291

“The lie of the land.” by Dana Gilerman

“What is the Digital Humanities? Response to plenary session at the 2007 Modern Language Assocation.”

“On the Edge of Critical Thinking – An Interview with W. J. T. Mitchell” Interview with Lydia H. Liu conducted at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin April 27, 2005

“W.J.T. Mitchell: Chicago’s renaissance man: Scholar’s written about dinosaurs, fetishes, Spike Lee”,
by Julia Keller, Chicago Tribune, December 31, 2006.

Interview with Asbjørn Grønstad and Øyvind Vågnes from, Image [&] Narrative, in the issue “Battles around Images: Iconoclasm and Beyond”, November 2006

“What Do Pictures Want?” Podcast Interview with Duncan Mackenzie and Terri Griffith, November 2006

“Echoes of a Christian Symbol” (on the Abu Ghraib torture photographs),
Chicago Tribune, Sunday, June 27, 2004, Section 2, p. 1, 3.

“Essays into the Imagetext: An Interview with W. J. T. Mitchell”

“An Interview with W. J. T. Mitchell,” by Margarita Dikovitskaya

“Interview with W. J. T. Mitchell — The Last Dinosaur Book,” an interview by
the Seminary Co-op Bookstore

“Golden Memories — Interview with Sculptor Robert Morris,” by W. J. T. Mitchell,
ArtForum, April 1994
 (click for PDF version)

“The Last Formalist, or W. J. T. Mitchell as Romantic Dinosaur,” by Orrin Wang

“The Panic of the Visual: A Conversation with Edward W. Said,” by W. J. T.

“Pictures Want To Be Kissed,” interview with W. J. T. Mitchell, Iconic Turn Lecture
Series, Burda Academy of the Third Millennium, Munich 
(click for PDF version)

“Revolution and Your Wardrobe: Fashion and Politics in the Photography of
Jane Stravs,” by W. J. T. Mitchell

“Translator translated (interview with Homi Bhabha),” by W. J. T. Mitchell

“What Happened to the Essay?” An unpublished e-mail interview with Julia
Keller, Cultural Affairs Reporter of the Chicago Tribune

“Words and Pictures in the Age of the Image,” interview with Andrew
     McNamara, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 1996. 

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