School Administrators

DSC01322Winning Words works with schools on site, and has developed many strong and enduring relationships with its partner schools, such as Carnegie Elementary, Fiske Elementary, Lenart Academy, Shoesmith Elementary, Bret Harte Elementary, City Elementary, the National Teachers Academy, the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, and many others. We will be glad to send you references to teachers and principals who can testify to the value of our program. The best supporting evidence for the value of what we do comes from both the students and their regular teachers, who get to see their students participating in philosophy. And please note that the Winning Words program is Free! We simply require the support of your school in recruiting the students and offering us an appropriate space in which to run our program. Furthermore, Winning Words will stay in place at your school for as long as you care to host the program. We build long-terms relationships with our schools and teachers! Please do feel free to contact the Director of the Civic Knowledge Project, Bart Schultz, for more information, at 773-834-3929 or Thank you!

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