Are you a concerned K-12 teacher who would like to enrich your school with philosophy? Are you a concerned parent who would like to know more about how your child’s school could improve its offerings in the humanities? Are you a concerned philosopher or student of philosophy who would like to see more philosophy at the K-12 levels? Then please be sure to RSVP for the UChicago Civic Knowledge Project’s big Winning Words Initiative conference on Nov. 2nd! The Winning Words Initiative is a Midwest resource network aimed at helping teachers, schools, and students gain better opportunities to do pre-collegiate philosophy. All are welcome–teachers, parents, students, administrators, and more! We honor our teachers, who can earn professional development credits for participating (and win some special raffle prizes). To RSVP, go to: and hit the RSVP link, or e-mail or call 773-834-3929 ext. 1.

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Director of the Civic Knowledge Project and Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Chicago
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