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From Samuel Cohn

Hello, Winning Words people,

CKP’s Winning Words program has little beyond this blog in the way of so-called “new media” communication accessible by teachers, administrators, students, and the general public alike. In order to correct this deficit, and to — in the spirit of the Civic Knowledge Project — open the transmission of information in all directions, I have created a number of new outlets for information sharing among those associated with Winning Words.

Be certain to “become a fan” of our new Facebook page, which features a comprehensive calendar of Winning Words events, a “wall” on which content can be posted and shared, and albums for photographs and other digital media like audio and video. Anyone can share content, and anyone can view content. I’ll moderate the page, and update it frequently in order to keep those associated with the program well-informed, while also increasing the visibility of CKP to a larger online audience.

The URL for the Facebook page is as follows:


A new Twitter feed is complementary to a Facebook page, because, for those unfamiliar with Twitter, it acts as a sort of ‘Facebook lite’. This is to say that I’ll be — even more often than I update the Facebook page — posting miniature 140-character “tweets” to our Twitter feed. You can visit this account at the following address (and click the “follow” button in order to stay up to date):


Hopefully these will prove useful and fun.


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