Dec. 6th Final Performance Details

Hi Coaches!
Our final performance date is December 6th.  We’ll be in BARS, on the first floor of
Bartlett, and busses will get the kids at staggered times from
their schools starting at 9:30am.  The shows should start at
about 1:00pm, and should finish by 3:00pm

There are some things we need from you before the performance.

  • Firstly, each kid in your group needs to turn in a signed permission slip.  This can be found on the CKP website under ‘useful documents’.  EVERY KID NEEDS TO HAVE ONE!  Toencourage them to get them in, you can tell them we will behanding out awards, and if you don’t have a permission slip, you don’t get one.
  • Please print enough copies and distribute these Informational Flier for your kids and their parents to hand out at the next rehearsal.
  • Related to that, we need a set list of the kids who will beperforming with your group.  So next time your group meets, take a head count — give me first AND last names.  If you have some kids who aren’t sure, give me those names too, butmarked as unsure, and as soon as you know either way tell me.
  • Tell your group NOT to bring backpacks.  There’s very little storage space, so we need as few bags as possible.

The schedule for the day is as follows:
Bus picks up Donohue group at 9:30
Bus picks up McCorkle group at 9:45
Bus picks up Shoesmith group at 10:00
Bus drops groups at Bartlett
Bus picks up Bret Harte group at 10:30
Bus picks up Carnegie group at 10:45
Bus drops groups at Bartlett by 11:00

Christ’s Way and HPNC are in charge of getting to Bartlett themselves.  Alternatively, they can come to one of the schools (eg, lots of Christ’s Way kids go to Carnegie, so they can all just go to Carnegie).

TIME LISTED ABOVE.  If some of your kids want to go straight
to Bartlett, that’s fine, but THEY HAVE TO BE THERE BY 11:00.
I will be at Bartlett doing attendance.

Once everyone’s there, we will split everyone up into two groups.  From 11:00-12:00, one group will eat lunch upstairs in Bartlett while the other group will split rehearsal time in
BARS.  From 12:00-1:00 they will switch.  During this time, it’s a good idea to have some activities prepared.  You can print out that list of games I sent around and play some (quiet) games, or practice lines if you prefer.  Just plan on having a bit of downtime.

If you have any further questions or comments, do not hesitate to ask Rebecca Rothschild at

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  1. Bart Schultz says:

    Hi Coaches–I will be riding along on the bus, so it would really help if I had a list of the students to be picked up at each site. Also, please make sure that your school/teacher advisor or afterschool person is clear about the students being returned to the same spot where they were picked up, drops off proceeding in reverse order between 2:30 or so and 3:30 or so. Thanks, Bart

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