Final Performance Details

Congratulations Nalika Vasudevan, Winner of the first CKP Unity Award

The students in the Winning Words after school program have been working on writing and performing their own plays since March. It is now time for us to watch the finished product and to celebrate their success. Below you will find the details and schedule of the final performance. Thank you all for your participation in and support of this important program.

Date: Saturday, June 7th, 2008
Location: Bartlett Arts Rehearsal Space (5640 S University Ave)
Schedule of Events:
11:00 AM- Bus picks up at Donoghue Elementary School (707 E 37th St)
11:15 AM- Bus picks up at Shoesmith Elementary School (1330 E 50th St)
11:20 AM- Bus picks up at Canter Middle School (4959 S Blackstone Ave)
11:30 AM- Bus picks up at Christ’s Way Baptist Church (1210 E 62nd St)
11:40 AM- Bus picks up at Jim Fisher Center (645 S Michigan Ave)
11:45 AM- Bus picks up at Betsy Ross Elementary School (6059 S Wabash Ave)
11:55 AM- Bus picks up at Parkside Elementary School (6938 S East End Ave)
12:05 PM- Students arrive at Bartlett Hall and Check-In with instructors
12:20-1:20 PM- Warm ups and final rehearsal
1:20-2:00 PM- Lunch
2:00-3:15 PM- Performances
3:20-4:00 PM- Awards
4:00PM- Bus picks up students at Bartlett and drops them off at their home schools.

About nvasudevan

A second year at the University of Chicago, Nalika is majoring in Political Science and is a Civic Knowledge Project Intern and Student Coordinator for Partnering for Sustainable Chicago
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