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The Winning Words Debate Tournament will take place this Saturday, March 15th from 9:30am to 4:00pm at Harper Memorial Library. Upon your arrival you will be given instructions on where to go and what to do.

Buses: The buses will be at O’Keeffe at 8:45am promptly, and at each of the subsequent schools a few minutes after that. The bus will not wait at any school (We have discussed the importance of being prompt with the bus company), so emphasize to the students that they all need to be waiting in front of their schools at 8:45am.

T-Shirts: These will be provided to the students when they arrive. They are not required to dress up, but are encouraged to wear something that they can put a t-shirt over.

Families: We encourage families to join us and watch their students debate; It is up to the staff member in charge at your school whether or not they are allowed to ride the bus.

Food: A morning snack will be provided for our eager debaters when they arrived and lunch from Pot Belly’s will be provided for the students and instructors only. Parents and Families are not guaranteed food, so they will have to bring their own food along.

TEACHERS!: The teacher/coach from each school absolutely needs to be there this weekend. We will make sure to communicate this to all of them, but if instructors get a chance to talk to them before we do, make sure they know this. They, or some staff member from the school, will need to be present for THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THE TOURNAMENT and will NEED TO RIDE THE BUS with the students. This is not something we can help. There are liability issues, and if we want use of the buses/classroom spaces, we need to have the staff members there.

A Note to Instructors:YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER YOUR TEAM WITH RACE WRIGHT ( BY WEDNESDAY – we must know how many teams are going to attend on Saturday in order to organize the rounds in advance.

We will be giving out awards and we want this to be a memorable and exciting experience for our debaters which requires a fair degree of coordination and organization.
If you have any questions regarding the upcoming Debate Tournament this Saturday, do not hesitate to post your question or concern as a comment on this blog.

One of the Coordinators of Winning Words will get back to you as soon as we can!

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A second year at the University of Chicago, Nalika is majoring in Political Science and is a Civic Knowledge Project Intern and Student Coordinator for Partnering for Sustainable Chicago
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3 Responses to Tournament Details

  1. Hilary says:

    hey all –

    in the spirit of using the blog – some thoughts about saturday.

    sarah and i have been telling our debaters that all the arguments they plan to make for their case (excluding responses/rebuttals) need to be made in the first speech they give. aka “don’t go new in the two.” are you all doing that as well?

    is there any word about who will be judging? our kids are very keen on having us watch them as much as possible. (they’re very proud of themselves, rightfully so). are outside people being recruited to judge like what happened for last year’s tournament? i thought that was really successful and the judging sheet greg made was easy to use and made judging easy for all novices.

    sarah and i have also talked about how it would be helpful in the future for the coaches to work together. we’ve definitely come across some obstacles this quarter that i’m sure many of you have as well. it’d be nice to be able to talk about what works and what doesn’t for the various teams.

    (ross school coach)

  2. nvasudevan says:

    Hi Hilary,

    Those are some excellent thoughts.

    As to your question about judges – you will not have to judge any of the rounds – we are doing mad judging recruitment as we speak. The only reason we had you instructors judge your own kids for the last “tournament” was because it wasn’t supposed to be a real tournament, but more as a practice debate for the kids where they could get feedback to take in for the real thing, this Saturday.

    As for coaches working together – I think it’s a great idea. And I propose that after the kids get on the bus on Saturday to leave, all of the coaches meet briefly to discuss how it went and maybe suggestions for next quarter.


  3. Hilary says:

    I think that sounds great, Nalika!

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