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Welcome to the new Winning Words blog! “Winning Words: Verbal Arts for Democratic Practice” is a program of the Civic Knowledge Project at the University of Chicago– We hope that this blog will help all the people involved in Winning Words share information and coordinate their activities. Whether you are involved in the afterschool debate programs or one of our youth center programs, you should try to get to know others involved in these activities and share helpful information about such matters as school closings, school contact information, urgently needed materials, etc. Thank you all for your wonderful work–I hope this blog will make life a little easier! Best Wishes, Bart (Bart Schultz, Director of the Civic Knowledge Project, University of Chicago)

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Director of the Civic Knowledge Project and Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Chicago
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  1. Bart Schultz says:

    WINNING WORDS: VERBAL ARTS FOR DEMOCRATIC PRACTICE A Program of the University of Chicago Civic Knowledge Project

    Dear Parent or Guardian:

    Your child ___________________________________________________________ is participating in our Winning Words afterschool program. This program involves both regular meetings at your child’s school and various field trips to participate in debate tournaments, theatrical productions, and other activities featuring the Winning Words participants. Most of these trips will be to the Hyde Park campus of the University of Chicago, though we are also planning some outings to museums and parks. You will be notified at least one week in advance when a field trip is coming up. However, to avoid a constant flow of forms, please read this form carefully and initial and sign where indicated, which will give us the necessary permissions and liability waivers for the duration of the Winning Words program for the academic year 2007-8. The language below is adapted from the standard release form used by the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools for their summer session

    Please initial the space provided to indicate your agreement to these permissions.

    In the event that the undersigned cannot be reached, and in the judgment of the relevant staff member of the Winning Words/Civic Knowledge Project program, there is a necessity for immediate examination and/or treatment of our (my) child (ward), we (I) hereby authorize any of the aforesaid personnel to obtain for said child such medical services.
    I agree * Initials *

    Hold Harmless
    As a condition of my child’s (ward’s) voluntary participation in the Winning Words/Civic Knowledge Project program, I agree to waive any claim and to hold the Winning Words/Civic Knowledge Project harmless for any injuries to my child (ward), providing the Winning Words/Civic Knowledge Project and/or its agents have acted with reasonable care to provide safe conditions and adequate supervision for its program-sponsored activities.
    I agree * Initials *

    Field Trips
    I hereby give permission for my child (ward) to take field trips supervised by the Winning Words/Civic Knowledge Project teachers or staff during the 2007-8 academic year. I understand that I will receive advance notice when field trips are involved.
    I agree * Initials *

    Appropriate Behavior
    I understand that my child (ward) is expected to participate in the Winning Words/Civic Knowledge Project program in regular and responsible way, and I will encourage my child to participate regularly in the program and behave responsibly when participating.
    I agree *Initials*

    Photographs & Video Recording
    The Winning Words/Civic Knowledge Project program uses images of students in its paper and electronic publications. Images are also used for promotional and archival purposes. Students are not identified. I hereby give permission for my child (ward) to appear in such publications. (If you DO NOT wish to your child’s photo in any Winning Words/Civic Knowledge Project publication or on the web site, please put the request in writing to: Bart Schultz, Director, the Civic Knowledge Project at the University of Chicago, Walker 009, 1115 E. 58th St., Chicago, Il. 60637).
    I agree *Initials*

    Please sign and date this form here:

    Please provide your contact information and printed name here:


  2. Bart Schultz says:

    February 2008

    Current Winning Words schools with key contacts:

    1. Betsy Ross Elementary School, 6059 S. Wabash: Phone 773/535-0650. Principal Dr. Joy Pilcher, Contact Elaine Daniels

    2. Parkside Community Academy, 6938 S. East End: Phone 773/535-0940, website Principal Dorothy J. Thompson, Contact Dallas Saunders

    3. Isabella C. O’Keeffe Elementary School, 6940 S. Merrill: Phone 773/535-0600. Principal Carolyn D. Townes, Contact Ms. Ramona

    4. Ida B. Wells Preparatory Academy, 244 E. Pershing Rd.: Phone 773/535-1204. Principal Euel Bunton, Contact Darlene Anderson-Moon

    5. Miriam Canter Middle School, 4959 S. Blackstone Av.: 773/535-1410. Principal Colleen Conlan, Contact Zaneta Abdul-Ahad

    Schools with an expressed interest in hosting Winning Words:

    Donoghue Elementary School Campus (UChicago Charter School), 707 E. 37th St.: Phone 773-729-5300. Director Ms. Nicole Woodard-Iliev, e-mail:, Contact Todd Barnett, e-mail

    Andrew Carnegie Elementary School, 1414 E. 61st Place: Phone 773/535-0530, website Principal Darlene Pollard, Contact Jean Pate

    Beulah Shoesmith Elementary School, 1330 E. 50th St: Phone 773/535-1764, website Principal Patricia Watson.


    Christ’s Way Missionary Baptist Church, 1210 E. 62nd St.: Phone 773/363-9563. Director Tyree Liddell.
    Jim Fisher Development Center, Phone: 6045 S. Michigan Av.: Phone 773/493-5959. Director Mr. Otto

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