About Us

The “Why Do Animal Studies?” conference is a project of the Animal Studies workshop at the University of Chicago.

Our workshop was founded by graduate students and faculty members who organized an interdisciplinary Animal Studies reading group in the spring of 2013. We were awarded funding to make the reading group a CAS-sponsored workshop during the 2013-2014 academic year. We meet every other week to workshop student and faculty papers, and invite guests to present their work. Scholars from any division or discipline are welcome and encouraged to attend both this conference and our workshop. We welcome a diverse and interdisciplinary group of thinkers. To keep up with our workshop, subscribe to our list-host here.

Thanks for your interest!

The University of Chicago Animal Studies Workshop

Les Beldo (Comparative Human Development)
Megan Boatright (Comparative Literature)
Ashley Drake (Comparative Human Development)
Bill Hutchison (English)
Joela Jacobs (Germanic Studies)
Prof. Heather Keenleyside (English)
Agnes Malinowska (Social Thought)
Prof. Mark Payne (Classics)
Katharine Pflaum Mershon (Religion and Literature/Divinity)