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Sketchbooks from AIC’s Prints & Drawings Now Online

The Art Institute of Chicago has digitized several of its most-loved and important holdings from the Department of Prints & Drawings and Ryerson and Burnham Libraries with the help of Turning the Pages software. Website visitors can now peruse sketchbooks by artists like Paul C├ęzanne and Odilon Redon, as well as manuscripts and other printed materials.

VRC staff member Emilia Mickevicius had the rare opportunity to handle several of these objects while serving as a Metcalf Fellow at the Art Institute in Summer 2010. After each original object had been photographed using a copystand, Emilia used Photoshop to crop and color-correct the images, which were then loaded into Turning the Pages’ software program. The Art Institute hopes to add more materials to this online resource over time.

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