Hasselblad Film Scanner

The VRC is currently closed and unable to accommodate appointments on our Hasselblad scanner.

The VRC makes available a Hasselblad X5 film scanner to interested campus users with priority given to DoVA faculty, DoVA MFA students and students enrolled in DoVA photography courses. A brief orientation by VRC staff members is required before a new user will be authorized to use the scanner. The VRC is committed to accessibility for all of our services and resources. However, our office is located on the second floor of Cochrane-Woods Art Center and accessible only by stairs. If you need an accommodation to access VRC equipment or services, please email visualresources@uchicago.edu.

VRC Policies for Hasselblad Use

Scanning appointments are available Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm and should be made in advance by emailing visualresources@uchicago.edu with your desired date and time. The VRC will confirm whether that time is available. It takes about an hour to scan one roll of 35mm film. Please use the Hasselblad Calendar page to assist you in scheduling your appointment.

>Hasselblad users must bring external storage with adequate space (ie, a hard drive) to save their images and should include file transfer time in their appointment time estimate. Scans may not be stored on VRC network or computers.

The VRC makes scissors, canned air, emulsion cleaner, and a light table available. All other supplies must be brought with you for your appointment. A former Hasselblad user has left a box of nitrile gloves that you are welcome to use if you wish.

All post-processing in Photoshop must happen at the Logan Media Center or at other campus locations.

Please promptly consult with VRC staff if you have any problems with the scanner or software interface during your appointment and do not troubleshoot on your own.

The VRC has a variety of Flextight Original Holders that students may use during their appointments:

    • 35mm film strip
    • Single 35mm frame (24×36 and 36×24)
    • 6×7
    • 6×6 and 6×4.5
    • 60x60x3
    • 4×5”
    • 35mm slide (single)
  • 35mm slide batch feeder

Please consult our Hasselblad Calendar in order to make your reservation.