Managing Personal Image Archives

Students and faculty from a variety of disciplines are increasingly building corpora of personal research images from archives, fieldwork, and other collections. The guides below provide starting points and resources to support the full lifecycle of maintaining personal research archives – from editing, cataloging, copyright, and platforms.

Maintaining your personal archive as it builds can help organize the files and metadata for increasingly larger personal collections of images, audio, and video files. By ensuring that you are starting with a strong cataloging structure and maintaining high-quality files, it will make both finding materials and research easier.

Workshop Series—Winter and Spring 2021

The VRC will host a series of workshops on creating and managing personal research archives. Please click this link to see the full workshop line-up. We’ll announce the schedule in early January. All sessions will be recorded, and you will be able to access the recordings and transcripts on this page once they’re available. We’ve structured the series so that workshops both build upon each other and can be taken a la carte, depending on your needs and interests.

Guide to Image Editing

Guide to Cataloging Your Images

Recommended Platforms for Managing Your Personal Archive

Web Archiving

Copyright Resources

Storage and Backup