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What is ARTstor?

ARTstor is a subscription library of nearly one million digital images from all disciplines.

What can I do with ARTstor?
ARTstor features easy grouping and sharing of digital images as well as the Offline Image Viewer (OIV), a powerful presentation tool. Individual images can also be exported for use in other presentation software, such as PowerPoint and Keynote.

How do I access ARTstor?

What kind of images are in ARTstor?
Contributors to ARTstor include museums, libraries and universities across the United States. New content is added frequently, so be sure to check out the ARTstor blog, which announces new and upcoming collections across a variety of disciplines.

Who can use ARTstor?
ARTstor collections are available to University students and faculty.

Where can I find help with ARTstor?
Please contact the VRC for assistance or instruction. One-on-one or class tutorials are available by appointment.

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