Getty Open Content Program

The Getty Open Content Program, recently launched, makes high-resolution images of more than 4,600 public domain artworks in the Getty’s collection publicly available to download on the Getty’s website.


In order to download the image file, the website asks you to identify what type of user you are (i.e., an individual or a non-for-profit company) and what your intended use is: personal, publication, non-commercial, or commercial. If you are going to publish the image you will have to provide publication information, but for all other uses, no other information is necessary to access the file and then you are free to use, modify, or publish it for any purpose.

The Getty will continue to increase the number of images available, drawing on works that are in the public domain in the museum’s collection as well as their special collections. They also have plans on expanding the program to include the Getty Vocabularies and other professional resources.

To view all images in the Getty Open Content Program, click here. For more information on the program, visit this blog post by James Cuno or read the FAQ.

Via the Getty Iris.

Image:Eugène Atget. Fête du Trône, 1923. J. Paul Getty Museum, 90.XM.124.5.