Kathleen Lonbom


Associate Professor/Art Librarian Milner Library, Illinois State University.

My recent research concerns the implications of the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act. (State funded grants, such as LSTA, are now required to prepare audio descriptions to accompany digital images to enhance access for individuals with vision impairments.) I am working on a project which specifically examines developing audio descriptions for images from the International Collection of Child Art. This resource presents a fascinating challenge to use language to broaden access to the content and construct a compelling representation with language in a digital environment. I am exploring approaches to uncovering sustainable options for writing and recording narratives for images, technological implications, and working with the university community. The project supports collaborative efforts I have initiated with teaching faculty to integrate the creation of audio description for digital images in the child art collection, into course curricula in related disciplines.

audio sample: http://tempest.lib.ilstu.edu/u?/icca,2422