Guillaume Latzko-Toth


I have recently completed a PhD in Communication at University of Quebec at Montréal (UQAM). On the academic side my areas of interest include computer-mediated communication (CMC), history of CMC devices, theories of technological innovation, qualitative methods, case study method, virtual ethnography, and online research ethics. More specifically, I am interested in the role played by users in the genesis and evolution of communication technical devices, especially when these are also digital artifacts. For my doctoral dissertation, I studied the "co-construction" of a veteran Internet-based chat system, Internet Relay Chat (IRC). My new research project, as a post-doc at UIC Department of Communication, is about the emergence of early "social media" in PLATO, a pioneering e-learning platform developed at University of Illinois. I have just published a paper on the emergence and differentiation of online chat devices in the Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society. I am a member of the Laboratory on computer-mediated communication (LabCMO) at UQAM, and an associate member of the Interuniversity Research Centre on Science and Technology (CIRST), both based in Montreal.

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