I'm a English Lit Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland interested in the digital humanities, James Joyce/Ulysses, (hyper)textual analysis, and games/puzzles/discovery in complex novels. I'm currently on a UMD research team studying both the ARG design process and ARGs in education.

A web designer and recent Master of (the Science of) Information (!) via the University of Michigan, I wrote my master's thesis on designing scholarly digital texts to reach "amateur" learners, and I'm interested in building digital texts that help self-motivated learners enjoy more complex literary works (e.g. my Ulysses digital text prototype at http://www.UlyssesUlysses.com).

Talk to me about any of this or other DH awesomeness on Twitter: @Literature_Geek. My portfolio site is under constant renovation at www.AmandaVisconti.com.

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