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November 19th, 2010 |

Greetings Scholars, Humanists, Technologists, Creatives, Writers, Computational Scientists and more:

My name is Freddrick Logan. I’m a PhD candidate at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). My current research activities explore open video in technical and scientific communication. I study and observe learning activities that use free open source software (FOSS) to create participatory content for the web, more specifically digital video. Other research interests include the use of FOSS to create professional content, distance learning and workflow/ processes in digital-information design. I hold and apply Master of Science degrees in both Business Information Technology and Digital Cinema. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

I also teach courses as an adjunct in Computer and Information Systems for the City Colleges of Chicago. Just to name a few—some “technologies” that interest me right now include the iPad, iPhone/ iPad app development, Piviti, VLC, Gstreamer framework, all ebook formats, HTML5, “Video on Wikipedia”, Mozilla Firefox 4 dev, Omeka, Processing.js, webM and ogg formats/ conversion tools. I love where the web is going with video right now.

Looking to learn all I can @ ThatCampChi and also looking to meet a few folks who love both Computer Science and the Humanities. Thanks to ThatCamp for this opportunity to participate!

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