International Collaboration and Digital Access to Unique Collections

November 17th, 2010 |

I manage digital initiatives at the University of Miami Libraries, where I frequently collaborate on special projects with humanists from our teaching faculty. My own scholarly background is in modern European languages and literature, particularly French and German.

I’m currently interested in exploring models for international collaboration in the documentation of the arts, as well as in methods for overcoming instututional, political, and intellectual property barriers to build and provide access to collections of contemporary digital materials. These challenges are becoming especially relevant to us in Miami as we begin to establish a long-term organizational infrastructure and software solution for a project called the Cuban Theater Digital Archive.

I’m also very interested in exploring creative ways of providing access to special collections and archives, both from the perspective of the archivist and the scholar, and would love to learn more about what’s going on in Chicago-area libraries and archives.  Northwestern has recently been publicizing some of their work with EAD and Blacklight, for example, which I’d like to know more about.

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