Greetings from a noob

November 11th, 2010 |

Hi all! I’m a first-year PhD student in communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This will be my first THAT camp, and I can’t wait. I have an M.A. in Communication Studies from Northern Illinois University, and I previously worked as a newspaper reporter in the southwest suburbs. My research interests include the intersection of new media and journalism, virtual worlds, and participation via social media. My master’s thesis was a content analysis of “newspapers” in Second Life. I hang out in the Twitterverse, or Twittersphere if you prefer, and you can find me there as TeachGuz. See you all soon! Andrea Guzman

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2 Responses to “Greetings from a noob”

  1. Amanda Visconti Says:

    Virtual worlds and journalism–what an awesome and interesting mixture!

  2. megan milks Says:

    hi andrea — i’m also at UIC, in the english phd program — excited to meet you saturday!