Lunch @ THATCamp

November 10th, 2010 |

To discuss a particular topic over lunch, please comment and organize yourselves below. Possible lunch locations:

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4 Responses to “Lunch @ THATCamp”

  1. Amanda Visconti Says:

    I’d be interested in talking over lunch about some intersection of ARG/game design and the humanities–people with any level of experience or specific interest within humanities gaming welcome!–and I’d also be game (!) for running such a thing into either the session before or after lunch.
    I’ll suggest Clarke’s as a possible location (some nostalgia for frequenting the Belmont version during high school), but I am very open to other suggestions as well.

  2. Chris Dickman Says:

    Amanda, I’d second your suggestion on this. I’ve read a great deal of inspiring material regarding ARG/game design, but mostly w/r/t lower grade levels, and heavily math and science oriented content. Thinking of ways to implement that kind of learning in college-level humanities (especially writing courses, as Jay is thinking) would be worthwhile for sure.

  3. asalter Says:

    Amanda and Chris, I’d love to join you for a lunchtime conversation about ARG/Game Design and the humanities–I teach in a game design focused department right now, and I’m currently planning a class on Social Media and Games that will (if all goes well) be run as a social game itself. If there’s interest, I think a session on this topic would be great.

  4. Jillana Says:

    I’d like to join this lunch too. Running a class called cyberqueer this winter where we make youtube videos. I’d love to think about more creative ways to add gaming components.