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October 29th, 2010 |

THATCamp Chicago organizers will finalize the Bootcamp schedule on November 4th. In the meantime, Jim Brown has compiled THATCampers’ suggestions for Bootcamp sessions. Omeka is hugely popular, so expect a session or two on it. For the rest we need your input. Suggestions are below. If you’ve got other ideas for topics (+ instructors), please share.

3D Modeling
Geographic Information Systems
Open Standards (HTML5 and CSS3)
Digital History/Text mining
Basic HTML, CSS, or WordPress template hacking
XML Markup

ps Bootcamp fellowship applicants should receive notification by the end of this week from THATCamp Coordinator Amanda French.

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7 Responses to “Bootcamp Sessions”

  1. Alex Galarza Says:

    I would love to learn about Geographic Information Systems but text mining would be interesting as well.

  2. Ryan Marttala Says:

    Introductions to GIT, XTF, and XML (if I read all those acronyms correctly) seem they could be useful on my end.

  3. Amanda Visconti Says:

    I’m also interested in Bootcamp sessions on GIT, XTF, and XML (and TEI, if possible!).

  4. markkehren Says:

    I would second the vote for a GIS Session as well as Omeka.

  5. rodrigzg Says:

    I would also love to do the GIS as well as digital history/text mining. I could also use a session or two on the basics as well.

  6. Jillana Says:

    I vote for GIT and Basic HTML, CSS, or WordPress template hacking–hopefully not happening at the same time!

    Thanks! jillana

  7. Jay Says:

    I know they’re likely planned already, but, as others have mentioned, git, XML, XTF, HTML/CSS/WP hacking, and 3D modeling would all be wonderful.

    Looking forward to BootCamp!