ARGs, simulation, and multimodality

October 28th, 2010 |

Hello fellow campers! I’m incredibly excited to be attending my first DH unconference, as I’ve followed THATCamp prime via Twitter and have benefited from many of the publicly available documents that have been produced in those sessions.

I’m a third year PhD student in the English Department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My primary focus is creative writing, but my research and production have always  been interdisciplinary and influenced by digital media and remix. I’m encouraged to believe there will be many potential productive and interesting sessions by your posts, as a few of my research interests seem to converge.

As a full time instructor of composition at Gateway Technical College and through my experience teaching in first year composition programs at UWM and UW-Parkside, I’ve cultivated an interest in the Ed Tech arena of DH. My most exciting research in this area, I think, is exploring alternate reality games as a structure for a multimodal first year composition course. I’m also interested in CMS and tool development, often building my own LMS sites with Drupal and, more recently, WordPress. [I’m getting particularly excited about Matt Gold’s upcoming Digital Dialogues talk at UMD MITH!] I’ve also received a grant for using a few iPads in my composition courses at GTC. We’ve used them in a small group setting (~4:1) to explore multimodal rhetorics, organiation, and remixing.

Recent projects have involved mapping and spatialization of narratives, including a Google Earth remediation of the paratexts from Nabokov’s Pale Fire. I’m also researching ARGs as games,  as interactive narratives, and as sites of “new media” literacies. Another area I’m beginning to explore is simulation, specifically using it as a frame to understand Argentine metafiction (Borges, Casares, and Fernandez) and post-apocalyptic dystopia narratives (books, film, television).

Again, looking forward to participating and meeting everyone–and to potentially forming future collaborative endeavors!

[I live on line at and @dr_morel]

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  1. Amanda Visconti Says:

    Really interested in your use of ARGs in a first-year composition course. I’m taking a course on teaching first-year writing right now, but hadn’t thought of juxtaposing that pedagogy with my ARG research despite ARGs’ emphasis on (often textual) user production. Awesome!