Practical information

(1) Interactive and detailed maps on University of Chicago Campus, Hyde Park,
Downtown Chicago, the United States and the World.

(2) University of Chicago Campus Map. Please click on the relevant sections for
more details.

(3) Chicago Transit Authority Official Website. You may customize your travel plans
from O’Hare International Airport (Blue Line Subway to Downtown), from Downtown
Chicago to Hyde Park and vice-versa (CTA Bus No. 6, X28, 2), and travel within
Chicago generally. Includes comprehensive information on travel times, fares,
options, satellite tracking etc…

(4) Official Website of O’Hare International Airport Chicago.

(5) Website of International House, University of Chicago. Building also indicated on
the U of C Map above.

(6) Website of the Chicago South Loop Hotel. Hotel will provide daily continental
breakfast and travel (shuttle) to and from their property to the University of Chicago

(7) Website of Chicago Yellow Cabs. The City provides many different companies and
types of cabs for transportation to the airport, within the city and to the University
of Chicago campus.

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