New Allies for Nature and Culture

New Allies for Nature and Culture partners can continue networking and sharing through Partnering for a Sustainable Chicago.

Partnering for a Sustainable Chicago is an environmental and social action network facilitated by the Civic Knowledge Project at the University of Chicago—a New Allies for Nature and Culture participant. In early 2007, The Field Museum, together with Friends of Ryerson Woods and the Lake County Forest Preserves, initiated the New Allies project. New Allies aims to foster new collaborations between organizations working on environmental, social, and cultural issues in the Chicago region.

The Field Museum is a member of the Partnering for a Sustainable Chicago’s network, and New Allies will use their listhost, website, and blog as the primary mode for continuing our conversations about connecting environmental and sociocultural issues in the Chicago region.

The listhost address is Anyone can post a message by emailing it to this address. To receive messages, join the network by completing a Network Directory Form, which can be downloaded from the program page on Partnering for a Sustainable Chicago.

From this point on, most New Allies updates will be shared through their listhost—so we encourage you to subscribe if you wish to be kept in the loop!

Thank you to Bart Schultz and the Civic Knowledge Project for partnering with us on this endeavor!

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  1. on 05 Mar 2008 at 8:19 pm Bart Schultz

    Thank you, New Allies–We are looking forward to working with you on this exciting new project! Best, Bart

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