The Chicago Wilderness Tour

On Saturday, July 7th, the inaugural Chicago Wilderness tour provided participants with an unforgettable experience in seeing and appreciating the environmental wonders of our region! Chicago Wilderness is a regional alliance of over 250 organizations devoted to working together “to restore local nature and improve the quality of life for all who live here, by protecting the lands and waters on which we all depend. Our four key initiatives-to restore the health of local nature, green infrastructure, combat climate change, and leave no child inside-reflect our commitment to using science and emerging knowledge…to benefit all the region’s residents.” This tour explored some outstanding examples of what is going well with environmental activism in the Chicago region. For more information, please visit:…

The tour was jointly led by Mark J. Bouman, Chicago Region Program Director, Environment, Culture, and Conservation (ECCo), The Field Museum, Laurel M. Ross, Urban Conservation Director, Environment, Culture and Conservation (ECCo), The Field Museum, and Christopher R. Mulvaney, the Green Infrastructure Coordinator of the Chicago Wilderness Consortium.

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