Woodlawn Students Give O2 For You!

This morning, eight students from Woodlawn’s Guiding Our Talented Youth Ahead (GOT-YA) program joined Roots&Shoots and O2 For You at the Kenwood Healthcare Center to give peace lilies to the residents in an effort to raise awareness about indoor air quality.  Most of us spend 90% of our lives indoors, and for the residents of the Kenwood Healthcare Center that percentage could be even higher.  Houseplants like the peace lily improve indoor air quality by removing toxins and giving off healthy oxygen.  The Chicago Fresh Air Tour stopped yesterday at Garfield Park Conservatory, as mentioned on the CKP homepage.  Today, the elementary and middle-school students gave away some 50 plants to residents of the Healthcare Center.  The residents loved seeing the young people, and one of the students said that it was a “beautiful day for community service.”  More information on this event, perhaps with some pictures, is forthcoming.  A cameraman was in attendance, so we may even see our Woodlawn students make the news!

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