Apple Trees at 5710



The trees are spaced through the garden. We have three 'Enterprise' and one pollinator.


Thanks to enterprising CKP Director Bart Schultz, we now have disease-resistant apple trees growing in the Timuel D. Black Diversity Garden!  The apple trees fit perfectly with 5710’s plan for a fall harvest and a donation to a local soup kitchen.  We hope to see some harvest this year, and for many years to come.  Didn’t know you could grow apple trees in containers?  Neither did we!  However, our local apple farmer taught us that if we cut the roots back every winter, the tree will stay a manageable size, and will live happily in the container.  Why do we need disease-resistant apple trees?  The 5710 garden is organic, and apple trees are notoriously susceptible to disease and insect damage.  Since we won’t use harmful pesticides, we chose a hardy variety that can take care of itself, but still tastes good!

Please do stop by 5710 S. Woodlawn and take a look at the garden in progress.  All comments, praise, criticism, or suggestions are welcome – leave a comment!  And don’t forget to look forward to our grand opening in October!

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