Sustainability Savings! Going Green Can Save You Money! A new community workshop series brought to you by the Civic Knowledge Project

The University of Chicago is home to some pretty smart people.  And they want you to be smart too–by going green and saving money at the same time.  Come to our FREE community workshops and learn how you can better respect the Earth, sustain the future, beautify your life, and save, rather than spend.  And you will be helping our children and their schools as well!

Each workshop will be keyed to one or two areas highlighted in the Chicago Public Schools Environmental Action Plan–for example, increasing green space and gardens, or reducing waste, or increasing recycling.  We will go beyond the familiar cost-saving measures involved in well-known greener, more sustainable practices to offer you some very creative, innovative, yet highly practical take-home tips and materials that you will be able to use at both home and work.  And we will offer you plenty of follow up opportunities to keep working to build a bridge to a better future for you own family and the human family.

Your involvement will help our young people and their schools do what they need to do!  The Earth and the Future need your help!

Watch for the inaugural workshop schedule appearing on this site soon.  We will be launching in January.  For more information, or to request a workshop at a school or community center near you, please contact the Civic Knowledge Project at 773-834-3929 ext.1 or e-mail Bart Schultz at

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