Key to Categories

Years and Months — of deadlines

All Fields — Open to virtually all disciplines in the humanities

Citizenship Restrictions — Requiring US citizenship, permanent residency, or certain length of residency in US

Dissertation Research — For research toward the dissertation, sometimes pre-proposal; often overlaps with Dissertation Write-Up

Dissertation Write-Up — For the final “dissertation year”; usually requires that an applicant or fellow be ABD; in some cases cannot be following anotherĀ  major dissertation award

Diversity — Targeting applicants from “underrepresented groups,” normally African Americans, Native Americans, and Lationas/os, often but not always requiring US citizenship or permanent residency

Language — Chiefly for the study of a language

MAs Eligible — Students in master’s programs are eligible

Postdocs — Requiring a PhD; usually (in this blog) open to non-affiliated recent PhDs

Short-term Research — Typically for under nine months or with funding of less than $10,000

Theme — Residential fellowships at institutions with themes or topics that change every year or every other year

Travel — For research travel outside the US

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