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Divisional Mellon/Whiting/Harper/Franke/Faller’s/Vigneron/Provost’s Dissertation Write-Up Fellowships

Deadline: March 29 (for nominations; check with department for internal deadlines) Length: 1 year (3-4 quarters) Comments: For final write-up year; must be admitted to candidacy by nomination deadline; Mellon-University of Chicago may not be held beyond 6th year (5th year for some students who came in with MAs); Provost’s, Fallers, and Mellon Humanities may not be held […]

Latin American Studies Field Research Grants

Deadline: February 24 Length: Short-term Comment: For preliminary research in Spanish and Portuguese regions of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula URL:

France Chicago Center Sciences Po Exchange Fellowship

Deadline: April 30 Length: 6-9 months; $12,500 Comments: For study at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) in disciplines taught there URL:

France Chicago Center De la Vauvre Summer Research Fellowship

Deadline: April 30 Length: 2-3 months; $5000 Comment: For short-term dissertation or pre-dissertation research in France URL:

France Chicago Center Furet Travel Grants

Deadline: April 30 Length: Short-term; $1500 Comment: For short-term research or advanced language study in France URL:

Nicholson Center Graduate Fellowships

Deadline: November 15; April 11 Length: Up to 9 months Comment: For research in the British Isles and/or Ireland; applicants who wish to travel for more than three months must have been admitted to candidacy URL:

Honigberg Fellowship

Deadline: April 18 (for departmental nomination) Length: 12 months Comment: For a year of study in Paris; must have completed all course work, languages, and exams by nomination deadline; finished proposal not required URL:|honigberg-fellowship

Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship in Archaeology

Deadline: March 21 Length: Varies Comments: For students in Greek or Roman archaeology, normally those who will be working on a dig; if there are no suitable candidates found in this field, NELC archaeology students may be considered URL:|edward-l-ryerson-fellowship

Humanities Travel Grant

Deadline: May 4 Length: Varies; up to $1250 Comments: For research-related travel; must be ABD by departure; project must occur during 2012-13 academic year (it can begin no earlier than June 18 and must be completed no later than June 15) URL:|humanities-travel-grant

Overseas Dissertation Research Grant

Deadline: May 4 Length: Summer (up to $2500) Comment: These awards provide support to graduate students in Humanities who will be financing dissertation research abroad through loans, personal savings, and/or other small grants. The maximum grant allotted will be $2,500 but most will be smaller. The grants are not renewable. Applications will be judged on the […]