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American Jewish Archives Fellowships (multiple)

Deadline: February 8, 2013 Length: 1 month “Applicants for the Marcus Center Fellowship program must be conducting serious research in some area relating to the history of North American Jewry. Typically, Marcus Center Fellowships will be awarded to post-doctoral candidates, Ph.D. candidates who are completing dissertations, and senior or independent scholars.” URL:

University of Notre Dame Center for the Philosophy of Religion Visiting Graduate Fellowship

Deadline: February 1 Length: 1 year Comment: For doctoral students “working on a dissertation in the philosophy of religion” URL:

Louise Wallace Hackney Fellowship for the Study of Chinese Art

Deadline:  February 1 Length:  12 months (possible renewal but not in consecutive years) Comments: For the study of Chinese art, “with special relation to painting and its reflection of Chinese culture”; must have 3 years of Chinese language study; must be U.S. citizen URL:

Medieval Academy of America William Schallek Fellowship

Deadline: February 15 Length: 1 year Comments: For “research in any relevant discipline dealing with late-medieval Britain (ca. 1350-1500)”; must be a member of the Medieval Academy by September 15; must have approved dissertation proposal; must be citizen or permanent resident of United States or Canada URL:

Harry Frank Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowship

Deadline: February 1 Length: 1 year Comments: For projects (dissertations) “that promise to increase understanding of the causes, manifestations, and control of violence, aggression, and dominance”; must be at writing stage of dissertation, which “will be completed within the academic year for which the dissertation fellowship is requested” URL:

University of California at San Diego Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies Visiting Scholars

Deadline: February 15 in 2013 for predoctoral fellowships; not currently accepting postdoctoral applications Length: 4 to 9 months Comments: For “research on any aspect of contemporary Mexico, Mexican history, and U.S.-Mexican relations”; graduate student applicants must be “ABD and have completed a substantial portion of their dissertations” URL:

ASCS at Athens Student Associate Fellowships (multiple)

Deadlines: various; January 15, 2013 for many ASCS fellowships; February 19, 2013 for advanced PhD fellowships; October 15, 2013 for Fulbright fellowship; rolling deadline for short-term research fellowships. Length: varies from short-term to 9 or 12 months Comments: For classicists and classical archaeologists; “Membership application to the School must be made at the same time […]