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UT-Austin Jefferson Society of Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deadline: February 15, 2013 Length: 1 year, renewable for a second year Comments: Postdoctoral fellowship in area of Religious Thought for 2013-2014; For scholars who have “completed doctoral dissertations on one or more of the great books”; ” Their graduate studies may be in the field of religious studies, theology, intellectual history, medieval studies, political theory, or […]

UCLA Ahmanson-Getty Postdoctoral Fellowships

Length: 1 year (Awards are for three consecutive quarters in residence at the Clark). Deadline: February 1, 2013 Comments: In Center for 17th/18th C Studies; for ” junior scholars [to participate] in the Center’s yearlong core programs”; theme for 2013-14: ” Iberian Globalization of the Early Modern World”; “Scholars will need to have received their doctorates […]

McNeil Center for Early American Studies Dissertation Fellowships (multiple)

Deadline: February 1 Length: Various (one semester to 13 months) Comments: Several dissertation research and write-up fellowships at MCEAS at Penn URL:

UT Knoxville Haslam Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deadline: February 15, 2013 Length: 1 year Comments: “The Haslam Fellowship is open to untenured scholars in any field of medieval or Renaissance studies whose work falls in the period 300-1600 C.E.” URL:

Council for European Studies Pre-Dissertation Award

Deadline: February 1 in 2013 Comments: “[T]o fund students’ first major research project in Europe”; “To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program at a university that is a member of the council for European Studies Academic Consortium; possess any language skills required to carry out the proposed research; have completed the majority of doctoral […]

ACOR-CAORC Post-Graduate Fellowship

Deadline: February 1 (2013 announcement not yet posted) Length: 2-6 months Comments: For PhD-holders working in “disciplines relating to the Near East”; must be U.S. citizen URL:

ACOR-CAORC Fellowship

Deadline: February 1 (2013 announcement not yet posted) Length: 2-6 months Comments: For predoctoral and MA students working in the area of Near Eastern Studies; must be U.S. citizen URL:

Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship

Deadline: February 1 Length: 1 year Comments: For “the study of American religion” employing any of “methodological perspectives, including, but not limited to, history, ethics, the social sciences, biblical studies, and historical, systematic, and practical theology”; must be ABD by application deadline URL:

BMI/Woody Guthrie Foundation Fellowship

Deadline: February 1, 2013 Length: Varies Comments: For research on topics or themes related to Woody Guthrie in areas such as American Musicology, Historical Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, Humanities, American History; seems to be awarded to PhD holders primarily URL:

Association of Asian Studies/China and Inner Asia Council Small Grants

Deadline: February 1 Length: Varies Comments: May be used by postdoctoral scholars or dissertation-stage graduate students for short research trips in US or Taiwan, to attend colloquia, workshops, and seminars related to their fields; must be AAS member URL: