Center for Modern Oriental Studies (Berlin) Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deadline: Unstated
Length: 10 months
Comments: Theme for 2008-13 is “Europe in the Middle East, the Middle East in Europe”; “These postdoctoral fellowships are mainly addressed to young researchers from the Middle East who wish to explore issues related to one field of research within the current projects run in Berlin [but] scholarships are also available to scholars from the cultural and social sciences in other countries who are interested in working together within the suggested framework”; fellows will work with scholars from “such as Church History, Jewish Studies, and Patristics (Perspectives on the Qur’an), Urban History and Political Philosophy (Cities Compared), Literary Studies, and Comparative Literature (Travelling Traditions), and Political Science, Philosophy, History, and Islamic Studies (Islamic Discourses Contested)”

ZMO Fellow 2010-11: Toufoul Abou-Hodeib, SALC doctoral student

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