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Conference Program

Friday, October 29

FIRST SESSION, 9:30-11:30

  • SESSION 1-A: ASPECT                   Theater Ida Noyes
  • Chair: Erik Houle
    • Hilchey, Christian (University of Chicago) Czech Aspect, Verbs of Motion, and the Cluster Model
    • Rubinstein, George (UNC-Chapel Hill) On Relationships of Verbs in Russian Aspectual Clusters
    • Szajbel-Keck, Malgorzata (UC Berkeley) Nouns with Aspect – The Curious Case of Polish Verbal Nouns
    • Kuznetsova, Julia & Svetlana Sokolova (University of Tromso) Aspectual triplets in Russian: semantic predictability and regularity
  • SESSION 1-B: MORPHOSYNTAX 1         West Lounge Ida Noyes
  • Chair: Andrea Sims
    • Franks, Steven (Indiana University) Copy Puzzles: Clitics vs. Intermediate WH and Heads vs. Phrases
    • Grebenyova, Lydia (Baylor University) On the Nature of Clausal and DP-internal Agreement
    • Iovtcheva, Snejana (Syracuse University) WH-questions in Bulgarian: Evidence for [focus] movement in a Feature Based Syntactic Theory
    • Ressue, Lauren, Jeffrey Parker, Michael Phelan, & Robert Reynolds (The Ohio State University) The complexity of processing simple words: The morphological processing of infrequent base words
  • SESSION 1-C: DIACHRONIC        216-217 Ida Noyes
  • Chair: Slava Gorbachov
    • Collins, Dan (Ohio State University) Written and Unwritten Messages: Linguistic (Im)politeness in the Novgorod Birchbark Letters
    • Darden, Bill (University of Chicago) The Function of the “Prezhdebudushchee” in Early East Slavic (and OCS)
    • Dombrowski, Quinn (University of Chicago) Modernizing Research through Collaborative Reference Tools: The Medieval Slavic Linguistics Wiki
    • Petrukhin, Pavel (Vinogradov Russian Language Institute, Moscow / Institut für Slawistik, Universität Wien) Diplomacy and language contacts (observations on the language of the 1229 Smolensk-Riga trade treaty
  • SESSION 1-D: POLISH        313 Judd Hall   10:00-11:30
  • Chair: Kinga Maciewska
    • Jaworski, Sylwester (Szczecin University) Recent changes in the phonology and morphology of Polish
    • Dziubała-Szrejbrowska, Dominika (Poznań University) Pięć kobiet czy pięciu mężczyzn? – Towards the solution of a numeral puzzle in Slavic languages.
    • Chociej, Joanna (University of Toronto) Polish Pro-Drop: English influence on heritage Polish in Toronto

LUNCH 11:30-12:45

WELCOMING REMARKS, 12:45-1:00     Lenore Grenoble Theater Ida Noyes

KEYNOTE ADDRESS 1:00-2:00                 Theater Ida Noyes

Introduction: Slava Gorbachov

  • JOUKO LINDSTEDT (Professor of Slavonic Philology, Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki) Contact, drift, and selection in the Balkan linguistic area


  • SESSION 2-A: HERITAGE                          Theater Ida Noyes
  • Chair: Steven Clancy
    • Ivanova-Sullivan, Tanya (U. New Mexico) Comprehension of indefinite determiners by Russian heritage speakers
    • Mikhaylova, Anna (University of South Carolina) The Burden of Morphology in L2 and Heritage Russian Processing.
    • Protassova, Ekaterina (University of Helsinki) What happens to the Russian language in bilingual education
    • Oswalt, Emilia Bikbulatova (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire) Language Interaction and Phonetic Peculiarities of Russian Speech of Russian-English Bilinguals in the USA
  • SESSION 2-B: MORPHOSYNTAX 2         West Lounge Ida Noyes
  • Chair: Anastasia Smirnova
    • Manova, Stela (University of Vienna, Department of Slavic Studies) Suffix order and the structure of the Slavic word
    • Parker, Jeffrey, Sims Andrea (The Ohio State University) The complexity and Complexity of Russian affix ordering
    • Paperno, Denis (UCLA) Compositional Interpretation of Negative Concord Items: Evidence from Coordination
    • Runić, Jelena (University of Connecticut) The Slavic PCC: The View from Morphology
  • Chair: Christian Hilchey
    • Migdalski, Krzysztof (Wroclaw University) Clitic positions and the richness of tense
    • Nichols, Johanna (UC Berkeley) Slavic suppletive causatives
    • Petrukhin, Pavel (Vinogradov Russian Language Institute, Moscow / Institut für Slawistik, Universität Wien) The Early East Slavic supercompound past tense.
    • Grillborzer, Christine (University of Regensburg) On the agreement of predicate nominals in Old Russian Infinitive Constructions

BREAK, 4:15-4:45

KEYNOTE ADDRESS, 5:00-6:00         201 Cobb  (Center for Study of Languages)

Introduction: Victor Friedman

  • ALEKSANDR RUSAKOV  (Professor, Department of General Linguistics, University of St. Petersburg & Researcher in Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences)  Slavo-Albanian language contacts: a view from the Albanian dialectal map

General Reception,  6:15-7:15                        2nd floor of Cobb Hall–CSL

Saturday, October 30

SESSION 3, 9:00-11:00

  • Chair: Tatiana Sazonova
    • Sazonova, Tatiana (Northern Illinois University – Kursk State University) Men and Women in Search of Referent: Evidence from Novel Objects Naming in Russian
    • Shmelev, Alexei: Western Concepts in Russian: Ways of Adaptation
    • Vujic, Jelena (Belgrade University) On gender (and number) assignment in some recent Anglicisms in Serbian
    • Shrager, Miriam (Indiana University) Features of Innovation and Retention in Susak Dialect Spoken in New Jersey
  • SESSION 3-B: CASE              East Lounge Ida Noyes
  • Chair: Stela Manova
    • Pennington, James Joshua (The Ohio State University) Sympathy for the Dative: the Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian Adnominal Possessive Dative at the Syntax-Pragmatics Interface
    • Zimmerling, Anton & Elena Kulinich (Moscow State University for the Humanities, University of Montreal) Dative-predicative structures and lexical predicatives in Russian
    • Nørgård Sørensen, Jens (University of Copenhagen) False friends in grammar: A contrastive view on Modern Russian number semantics
    • Paykin, Katia & Marleen Van Peteghem (University Lille 3 / UMR 8163 « STL » (CNRS) & Universiteit Gent (Belgium)) Russian Adnominal Genitive Revisited
  • SESSION 3-C: VERBS & VERBAL CATEGORIES   West Lounge Ida Noyes
  • Chair: Petia Alexieva
    • Davidson, Daniel (Ohio State University) Paradigm Inconsistencies in Czech Motion Verbs
    • Robinson, Spencer (OSU) Grammaticalization of a Russian verb of motion
    • Gladney, Frank (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) On the morphology and syntax of Russian verbal aspect
    • Frackowiak, Ewelina (University of Ottawa) When Epistemic Modals Need Imperfective Aspect
  • Chair: Steven Clancy
    • Schmiedtova, Vera (Charles University Prague) The Czech National Corpus – Looking Back, Looking Forward
    • Dziwirek, Kat (University of Washington) Escape from Etymology? A Corpus Study of Polish Adjectival Intensifiers
    • Thielemann, Nadine (University of Potsdam) Arguing by anecdote – jocular accounts in conversations between Russian interlocutors

KEYNOTE ADDRESS, 11:15-12:15                                    Theater Ida Noyes

Introduction: Lenore Grenoble

  • SALIKOKO S. MUFWENE  (Frank J. McLoraine Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Linguistics, and Humanities Collegiate Division, The University of Chicago and Fellow at the Collegium de Lyon)  Linguistic Convergence in the Balkans: Some Ecological Perspectives

LUNCH BREAK, 12:15-1:30

BUSINESS MEETING, 1:30-2:00                            Theater Ida Noyes

SESSION 4, 2:00-4:00

  • SESSION 4-A:                                     Theater Ida Noyes
    • von Waldenfels, Ruprecht (Universitaet Bern) Using a parallel corpus in undergraduate teaching
    • Kramer, Christina, Joseph Schallert, & Julia Mikhailova (University of Toronto) Two Roads Diverge: Slavic Linguistics for Undergraduates
    • Clancy, Steven & Dagmar Divjak (University of Chicago & University of Sheffield) Cognitive Linguistics and Empirical Methods in Slavic Linguistics
    • Nichols, Johanna (UC Berkeley) Summary and overview: Curricular entrepreneurship
    • Chair Johanna Nichols
  • SESSION 4-B: PHONETICS        East Lounge Ida Noyes
  • Chair: Slava Gorbachov
    • Bethin, Christina (Stony Brook University) The Interaction of Phonetics and Morphology in Russian Vowel Reduction
    • Feldstein, Ronald (Indiana University) On the Relation of Stress and Syncretism in the Mobile Noun Paradigms of Russian
    • Turnbull, Rory & Yuliia Aloshycheva (Ohio State University) Word Frequency and Second Mention Effects on Phonetic Reduction in Russian
    • Kulikov, Vladimir (University of Iowa) Voicing assimilation in fast speech in Russian
  • SESSION 4-C: VERBS & SYNTAX                        West Lounge Ida Noyes
  • Chair: Anna Szawara
    • Janic, Katarzyna (Université Lumière Lyon2) The three morphosyntactic patterns of the antipassive in Slavonic languages
    • Kucerova, Ivona & Grazyna Drzazga (McMaster University) How many phases are in passives: -no/-to constructions revisited
    • Todorovich, Natasha (University of Illinois Chicago) The syntax of da in Serbian
    • Trawinski, Beata (University of Vienna) On the Distribution of AND-Type and WITH-Type Coordinations in Polish: A Corpus-Based Study
  • SESSION 4-D: MORPHOSYNTAX 3         313 Judd Hall
  • Chair: Christian Hilchey
    • Bednarikova, Bozena (Palacky University, Olomouc/CZ and Universita degli Studi di Udine) Reflection of the “Natural Course of the World” or the Morph.-Syntax Interface in inflectional language
    • Larson, Bradley (University of Maryland) Bare phrase comitative constructions in Slavic
    • Kuznetsova, Julia (University of Tromso) Gestures through grammatical gender: evidence from Russian
    • Zimmerling, Anton (Moscow State University for the Humanities) Syntactic criteria for identifying Russian and Ukrainian predicatives

BREAK, 4:00-4:15

SESSION 5: 4:15-6:30

  • CONTACT WORKSHOP                 West Lounge Ida Noyes
  • Chairs: Victor Friedman & Lenore Grenoble
    • Dombrowski, Andrew (University of Chicago) Slavic Influence on Turkic Vowel Harmony
    • von Waldenfels, Ruprecht (Universitaet Bern) Tracing areality on the basis of a parallel corpus: aspect in the Slavic imperative
    • Rabus, Achim (Freiburg University) Which sub-systems of language are prone to intra-Slavic structural borrowing?
    • Kent, Kateryna (University of Minnesota) Prepositional Phrases of Motion Verbs in Surzhyk, a Russian-Ukrainian mixed language
    • Joseph, Brian (The Ohio State University) The Rise of the Bulgarian Definite Article and Grammaticalization Theory


DINNER, 6:30-8:30                                                   Theater Ida Noyes

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